If Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman’s skin color were reversed…

By Eddy Montilla.

Sometimes, the only thing we need to understand a situation is to sit down somewhere and think about it in a hypothetical way. Let’s see. If Trayvon Martin were white and George Zimmerman black, perhaps it would have not been necessary for President Obama to address people about Martin case to calm everyone down and ease tension for fear of uncontrollable riots.

     Perhaps, the jury had given its verdict quickly. “He is guilty and put him behind bars for 5 years, 10 years or more!

     Perhaps, the word “self-defense” would have been barely mentioned and some people would have used expressions like “he is an assassin”, “he is a criminal” when referring to Zimmerman.

     Perhaps, many people wouldn’t have thronged into the streets to protest, which is, somehow, a sign and feeling of impotence. Others would have made several calls to use their influence.

     Trayvon Martin case did not open doors to new debates on racism in the United States because these doors have never been closed. Compared to Abraham Lincoln’s era or the forties, fifties, sixties, etc., the country has made progress to eradicate racism, but the scars left by it remain as ever. Today, white and black people sit in the same row inside the same bus. However, racism keeps them mentally and emotionally distanced like the first day. Americans are letting their country fall apart because of a word: Racism. What a pity.

This article was reproduced from the website WORLD AND OPINION with Eddy Montilla

Copyright 2013 by littlethings4all.wordpress.com. All rights reserved.


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