A good laugh: The sly newspaper boy

By Eddy Montilla


During his summer vacation, Kevin had started selling newspapers to people in his neighborhood. He was sad because he hadn’t had a single sale in his first two days.

“You have to shout out the latest news and sell the shocking headlines,” his father, a famous journalist, told him.

After hearing that, the kid came home early every day and without newspapers.

“How come you sell the newspapers so quickly?” Kevin’s dad asked.

“It’s very easy, dad. Come with me and I will show you.”

“Extra! Extra! 89 people have been ripped off this week! Extra!”

An old man, who was sitting on a bench, bought a newspaper immediately. Then, Kevin smiled and winked at his father and he shouted out: “Extra! Extra! The number of people ripped off is 90 now, Extra!”

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