(3) Three steps to avoid desperation

By Eddy Montilla.


At first glance, this question seems to be silly because a lot of people think that the answer is entirely predictable: We give up hope and get exasperated because we don’t have money, because our children don’t listen to us, because of our job or boss, etc. However, if we reflect on this topic, we will see that all these answers are not the reason for our despair, but the origin, which is something completely different.

We become exasperated because we see problems and situations from one direction, one angle only: The angle that tells us WE HAVE PROBLEMS! Since the moment we start thinking like that, we let problems have negative impact on our lives and we take a path full of bends like a labyrinth in which we lose our way. Now that we know the reason why so many people are in despair, let’s see how to keep this bug away our bed and mind.

Step 1: Keep your mind focused on solutions rather than problems

I can’t remember the number of people who have told me once: “I am working to solve this problem”; however, I can count those who have said: “I am working to find solutions!” on the fingers of one hand. The word problem sounds like something unpleasant. Solution, however, is really tasty!

Step 2: Be more flexible

We frequently ask too much of ourselves or are too demanding with people around us. But there is only a number called “one”, perfection does not exist and no matter what we do, we will never get all things we want. So be flexible.

Step 3: Be optimistic and confident

In the same way as you quench your thirst with a glass of water, you can quench desperation with optimism. People get exasperated quickly when they lose faith, when they lack confidence. Optimism makes us feel free from worries and takes us to a better position to overcome obstacles.

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