A good laugh: A dangerous elderly lady

By Eddy Montilla.

An affable elderly lady was walking along singing to herself and holding two big plastic bags. They were so heavy that one of them burst and thousands of dollars came out of it. A police officer helped her to pick the money up, and suspecting something wrong, he asked her:

“How did you get all this money, madam?”

“I did not steal it, officer.” She kindly replied. “Near my house, there is a place for concerts and a lot of swines pee every night on my fence. I am tired of this situation, so I always wait for them hidden behind a tree with a knife and then tell them: Give me one dollar per person or I will cut that off!”

“Is the other bag full of money too?” The police officer asked with astonished look on his face.

“Of course not!” The elderly said. “Some men don’t like to pay!!”

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