Three things you should never say to your friend

By Eddy Montilla

1. Long time no see! How have you been? Despite being used as mere greetings, these expressions contain paradoxically certain glacial message because they seem to suggest that your relationship is now a distant memory.

Consider: I am really happy to see you again!

2. I have some many things to tell you… I will call you later when I have more time. In terms of priority, this phrase puts all your things (including this time that you never get to have) before your friend.

Consider: Ever though I have many things to do, I also have a lot things to tell you too, so let’s decide when we can meet.

3. Just because you are my friend, I will do it/tell you… These words sound like a contract or something made on condition. Besides, it is very easy to feel that there is some reluctance on your part to help or talk if you express in that way.

Consider: I have several reasons to do/say this, and however, the fact of being friends surpasses all of them.

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