A good laugh: The psychiatric test

By Eddy Montilla

A psychiatrist gave a test to three madmen in order to check if they were in full possession of their mental faculties. He gave them three keys that could be used to open different doors that would lead them out of the madhouse. The first madman said: “I am a key ring!” And he swallowed them. The second one said that he was the Mayor of New York and gave the keys to the doctor back as a present: The Key of the City. But the third one took the keys, opened the doors and went out of the center. There, he saw many people eating a lot at a salad bar. Later, he saw a plane landing at an airport near the madhouse and pigeon droppings falling on his shirt. He entered the madhouse, thanked the doctor, gave the keys back to him and went right to his room.

     The psychiatrist was very perplexed by the patient’s action and asked him: “Why did you come back? You don’t have to be here. You are free.”

“No, thanks.” He answered. “Do you think I am crazy? First, people don’t have food and they have to eat grass. Second, mosquitoes are flying every 10 minutes and the worst part is that it is raining sh…t!

Copyright 2013 by littlethings4all.All rights reserved.


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