Lessons of life: The lesson of the blind kid

By Eddy Montilla.

While I was waiting at the station, I saw a mother teaching her 10 or 11-year-old son how to take his train back home. It seemed that he had lost the power of sight recently. Later, I looked at other people who were near them. Some people were smoking and lighting a cigarette after another to vent their frustrations perhaps. Others were walking hurriedly and scratching their heads like people in torment. Maybe none of them noticed that from now on, the only way this kid can see a blue sky, a white cloud, a green tree is through his imagination. And I said to myself: Hey, guys, do you still think you have problems?

     This is not a matter of trying to console ourselves with the thought that others are in a worse position than we are now, but when I saw this kid, I strongly believed that compared with some people’s problems, ours can be called “trifling puzzles”. Stop complaining, my friend. You are lucky.

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