When too much cleanliness turns into dirtiness

By Eddy Montilla

I went to a bakery last week to buy three cheese rolls. A lady who works there put each roll into a plastic bag. It would be no exaggeration to say that my rolls were as small as a Lilliputian, and inside the bag, they look even smaller, and, to crown it all, she put the three plastic bags into a big one! Then, she smiled and said kindly: “Mata okoshi kudasai (Thank you very much for your purchase and we hope to see you again)”.

I don’t really know why, but I gave her some kind of gentle and sad look. “If I buy 150 rolls, are you going to use 151 plastic bags?” I wondered. I also wondered if she has ever thought about the number of years that these plastic bags would need to decompose (more than 100 year or maybe never). Is it worth using 4 plastic bags for rolls that are made of the same ingredients and will be wolfed down in no time? Today, I went to the same bakery and bought the same kind of rolls and the same quantity, but this time, I asked her to put all of them in one plastic bag. Believe me, some clients and she looked at me out of the corner of their eyes in astonishment.

Now, take a look at this picture.


I go to one of these famous worldwide fast-food restaurants twice a week to have… some orange juice!! There are several napkin containers, so that customers can take SOME napkins freely. The point is that I have seen people taking more than 15 napkins despite buying only one hamburger. If these people had been at their home, how many napkins do you think they would have used? One or at the most two. These two stories make the title of this topic clear and they also give us a lesson to learn: Sometimes, too much cleanliness turns into dirtiness. Let’s save the Earth. Don’t get it dirty.

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