How egoist we are? Check your level!

By Eddy Montilla

When it comes to egoism, nobody is free of blame. Very true, with different degrees, but all of us are egoist. If some people think they are not is because the idea that they have about it is limited to extreme situations. When they see egoism thorough such magnifying glass, then, they don’t belong to the group. However, there are dozens of “little actions” in our daily lives that can really tell us how egoist we can be. We are lucky: The test I made only contains 10 situations! This a test, so you pass the exam by getting 60 percent, but because we are not talking about something nice, this is one of the few times when I really want you to fail an exam, je, je.

1. Egoism of the door: When you open a door to enter somewhere and you are about to close it, you never look back to see if someone else is also coming behind you.

2. Egoism of cigarettes: You smoke when walking along the streets and others have to inhale your smoke and even your cigarette ashes.

3. Egoism of the smartphone: You walk while using your smartphone to read or send a text as if the street is for you only.

4. Egoism of music: You listen to music on full volume and never think if people around you have the same penchant for such kind of music as you do or if they want to listen to music at that time.

5. Egoism of food: You take the last piece of fried chicken, for example, without asking others first if they also want it.

6. Egoism of friendship: You have few friends when there are thousands of people around the world looking for one.

7. Egoism of the bathroom: You spend a lot of time inside the bathroom and never think that others have the same needs as you do.

8. Egoism of being misunderstood: You spend hours grumbling about people who, according to you, don’t understand you, but have you ever tried to understand first and then being understood?

9. Egoism of wealth: You have food, money and a place to live, but have you ever done something for those who have nothing?

10. Egoism of the word I: the most terrible of all kinds of egoism written here… You cannot change the word I for WE.

Copyright 2013 by All rights reserved.


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