Violent society shrouded in safety

By Eddy Montilla

Before going to prepare my dinner (today, I am going to make a pizza from scratch!), I want to tell you a couple of stories that speak for themselves about how much our society and way of thinking have changed because of fear and violence.

     Two months ago, I stayed at a hotel near Newark International Airport because I had to leave early for Japan the following day. Free breakfast and wide room, I mean, a good hotel compared with the money I paid for my room. The only inconvenience was that it did not have restaurants.

     I was tired and hungry. A young and kind clerk gave me different options for dinner and I opted for the second idea, that is, to go to a restaurant of another hotel that belongs to the same company. This is the moment when the first story begins…

     “It’s a three-minute walk from here, sir, but don’t go behind the hotel because it could be dangerous,” said the clerk.

     “How could our world (human beings) stoop so low?” I thought. We can’t even walk three mere minutes without being accompanied by Mr. Danger. I am not talking about three hours walking through the wood, just THREE MINUTES!

      What the clerk called a safer route was in fact something very questionable: a poorly lit sidewalk where nobody was walking along and car traveled at high speed. This is the place where the second story took place, but before talking about it, let me knead the dough for my dinner…

     Now, where were we? Ah, the second story. I left the hotel and ran into a man who came out of nowhere. Honestly, because of the condition of that place and the clerk’s words, I walked with some apprehension. We exchanged a sidelong glance and I realized at that time that he also felt the same. Then, I felt better… We walked to the same point, the restaurant, to get the same thing, food for dinner. Once we got there, we laughed without exchanging words: They were no necessary. I bought something and went back to my room while thinking about children of this generation who will never enjoy the pleasure of walking without fear of being assaulted as I did when I was a child. As you can see, it is not so bad to get old after all. That’s all for today. Now I have to work on my pizza while singing, incidentally not very well, O Sole Mio.

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