4 steps to spend a peaceful and happy day

By Eddy Montilla.

A lot of people think all that stuff about spending a peaceful and happy day recently is just a fairy tale. People usually say: “That’s not for me!” or they just bow to other people’s reality. However, when they see a person smiling and free from worry, it baffles them how this person manages to get it. Well, you can do it too. These are the steps.

FIRST: TODAY, don’t worry about problems that, in fact, you don’t have yet. More than 70 percent of all problems you think you have are imaginary fears. Let’s take a look at some people around the world: Yui, in Japan, thought she was going to arrive late because of the traffic, and she came 20 minutes earlier. Pablo, in Mexico, thought that he would never pass his math test, but he got 72. Ben, in Canada, USA, Germany or any other country, thought that his presentation would be an absolute disaster, but what he really got was an invitation for dinner from his boss because of his good job. I gave you some examples, now think about your own experience and you will realize that most of your days were normal or better than what you expected despite your fears for problems that never came up. And the worst part of it was that you could not enjoy all good things that happened to you on that day.


SECOND: Today, contemplate nature. If you observe some cities where people live a long life, like Nicoya in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan, Nuoro in Italy, etc., you will easily notice that in these cities, people live close to nature, which is something that the human race can neither create nor control, and that’s why people are always captivated by it. Observe TODAY the sky, clouds, stars, plants or the sea. They will give you peace, motivation and energy to have a great day.


THIRD: Do something, read something that makes you laugh. Laugh is like piece of chewing gum: It is small, but it can stretch a lot.


FOURTH: Prepare your mind and heart to have a nice day. It does not take much effort to have a bad day. You only have to think that you will definitely have it and let people do the rest. But if you really want to enjoy your day, then, you will have to learn to get people and their comments out of your mind.


Spending a peaceful and happy day has little connection with having a wallet crammed with money. It’s a matter of setting oneself a goal rather than any other thing. As you can see, the world TODAY is repeated ad nauseam because it is the key of this topic. I hope you can try these four steps TODAY (again?, Sorry!), and if at the end of the day, your life was better than yesterday, it is because these steps really work and you can try them tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and all days of your life.

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