The neighbor

By Eddy Montilla

Mr. Parker was in the living room with his family. “I sent for the neighbor because I swear blind he is the person who has been killing and stealing our chickens.”

“You are right, dad.” His son said. “He has been looking at our farm for days in a strange way.”

“He doesn’t have a job, honey. Besides, he speaks as a thief, he walks as a thief and clothed in rags, he looks like a thief.” Parker’s wife said.

“Mr. Parker! Mr. Parker!” Yelled the neighbor from outside, and when they went out, before Mr. Parker could say something, the neighbor showed them a cage with a fox inside. “This is the animal that has been killing your chickens, Mr. Parker.” “It took me a couple of days, but I finally could catch him.” By the way, why did you send for me?

From that moment, in the eyes of the Parker family, the neighbor spoke, walked and was dressed like any other person. And Mr. Parker said: “Ah, eh, well, I just wanted to tell you that we, we are very happy to have you as a neighbor.

Don’t let prejudice take the best of you, my friend.

Copyright 2012 by All rights reserved.


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