A good laugh: The smart madman

Eddy Montilla.

A man parked his car in front of a mental hospital and went to a store to buy something. When he came back, he noticed that someone had played a prank on him by stealing the four lug nuts of a tire. “Oh, how can I go home now!”, said the man while he was scratching his head, trying to think of a solution.

“Hey, you still have 12 lug nuts on the other three tires, right? So, take one from each tire and you can go home with three nuts on each tire,” a madman said from behind the fence.

“Wow! You really had a brilliant idea. I never thought about it. But why are you there? You are smart.”

“Why am I here?” the madman repeated, visibly upset, as if he could not understand the reason for this question. Then, with a lot of proud, he replied: “I am here for crazy, not for stupid!!

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