Life is a system

By Eddy Montilla

It’s hard to believe that something so meaningful, life, can be summarized in just two words: A System. And the funniest part is that system is one of these words that we use, but can’t explain well. And this is exactly what happens to us about life: We have it, we use it, but we can’t understand it. So, let me clarify the concept of a system first and we will be clearer. Worded plainly, a system is a group of elements, units, ideas, people (whatever you want) linked to each other in a way that each part depends necessarily on the others to work well.

Life is a system

Life is a System

     If you can’t get your goals, if your life is a mess, if you feel miserable, if you can’t move forward, don’t blame your boss, your family, the circumstances in which you were born or even God for that because the only responsible for our failure is the unbalanced system that we have created. What happens when we focus on our job only? Then we have problems with our families because we don’t pay attention to them. What happens when you focus on your family too much? You feel happy, but also feel that something is missing because, as an individual, there are things that you want to achieve. If you spend too much time on having fun, you feel contradictorily empty and if you don’t have enough fun, sooner or later, you will have to visit a doctor or a psychologist. I’m sure that you realize that all these aspects of life (job, fun, family, personal goals and many others) that I mentioned before are the elements that make up your system. If you put too much pressure on one element and forget the others, the system, that is your life, will not move forward properly. And now that we know the problem, let see how to solve it, but let me go to check my dinner first, because I can smell burning!!


Let’s go back to our topic. To keep balance in all aspects of your system (life) is what will bring the happiness, peace, fame or whatever you are looking for. But what I am saying is only theory until you test it yourself. So, think about it today, and try to put it into practice tomorrow by listing the most important elements of your life and trying to pay attention to all of them. If at the end of your day, you had not a remarkable one, but a happy day, then you can admit that life is honestly a system, and if you like, you can celebrate with juice, beer, wine or any other thing because from now on to be happier will depend on you more than ever. My only favor is to share this idea with others, so that they can taste the same happiness as you probably will. And now, I am going to have my dinner. See you later.

Copyright 2012 by All rights reserved.


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