(7) Seven steps to develop an iron will

An iron will

Intelligence or will?

By Eddy Montilla

It’s not intelligence, but will what determines most of our achievements in life. A person of an average intelligence, but of an iron will, makes more progress than a genius without this ability. Take a look at around you and you will notice that many people, who struggled to pass a simple exam at school in the past, hold today better positions than the smartest students because they were consistent and persistent. If you like big examples, how about your favorite singer, president or player? I am sure that most of them are not intelligent, but they have an iron will. This is the key. So, now that we know the key, how can we open the door? How can I build an iron will? These are 7 steps that can help, in my opinion, to answer this question that many people have asked here and there.

Step 1: Face your reality. You want to be strong, but you aren’t. Don’t pretend to be what you are not yet, because you can deceive your heart for a moment, but not for ever. Besides, if you know and accept the person who you are now, you will be in the best position to know where you really have to go and what you really want to be tomorrow.

Step 2: Keep the ghosts out of your mind. If your goal is to lose weight, you can’t be thinking about how delicious these slices of pizza look. If what we do is the result of our thoughts, then, it’s time to clean the house!! You can’t control the arrival of these turbulent thoughts to your mind, but you can tell them: “get out of my house! I mean, out of my mind!” The more you think about what you should not do, the higher are the possibilities that you will end up doing the wrong thing.

Step 3: Run away from temptation. Don’t try to be a hero or to be strong (remember the first step!). I don’t think that it is a good idea to resist temptation. There is no point in having your refrigerator full of food if you are trying to go on a diet. Another example: You have been trying to break up with him or her, and this is your third attempt. You ask yourself: “what is wrong with me? Well, why are you taking the same street that he or she takes? Why are you calling or inviting him or her so many times with the excuse that you are just friends now?

Step 4: Don’t keep your mind busy doing other things, but focused on doing other things. If you keep your mind busy doing things, you are trying to escape from reality, but if you focused on things that really matter, you will grow and, gradually, your mind will lose interest in this bad habit that you want to eliminate. Besides, once you see the fruit of your job in other areas, you can compare BEFORE and AFTER, and I am sure that you will prefer AFTER 🙂

Step 5: Be patient. If you have been dealing with bad habits for years, don’t expect to solve them in a couple of minutes. Please be patient. Physical strength does not count here. It’s your mind what really matters, and you will have to train it to go in the direction that you really want because, like any other part of your body, your mind needs exercise and training. There will be times when you think that you are not moving forward, when you will relapse into your bad habits, when your mental strength will fail you, etc. So, my friend, it takes time. Please be patient, because, at the end of your day, you will see that it really works well.

Step 6: Work on a daily basis. Because of the complexity of the problem, it is much better to work on a daily basis. Enjoy the pleasure of saying in the evening: “Today I was strong and defeated all my bad habits and fears!” That will give you enough energy and motivation for tomorrow.

Step 7: Reward yourself and keep motivated. For some people, when they don’t get their objectives, to punish themselves seems to work well, but I prefer the other part of the polarization, that is, to reward oneself after achieving some goals, because punishments usually bring fear, tension and negative feelings. Besides, it is much better to laugh than to cry. But, please be moderated and don’t carry your rewarding to excess. If you are trying to have an iron will to get rid of the bad habit of buying unnecessary things, just because this month you did a good job on this, don’t go to the nearest store as a treat to buy whatever you see in front of you!!

Well, that’s all. I can honestly say that I am very far from having an iron will (step one), even though many people around me say that it is quite the opposite. And it is exactly my weakness what entitles me to write about this topic. A system is a group of units connected in a way that one depends on the others and vice versa. The steps mentioned before are a system, and…as far as I know, it is not easy to make it work, but once you get it, it works well.

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