To be read for those who complain a lot ONLY

By Eddy Montilla

If you complain a lot, don’t feel guilty about it because it could mean that you know better than others the difference between right and wrong. The only problem is when you complain just to bother someone or when you don’t give possible solutions to problems.

     And now let me tell you why I don’t complain as I used to. Last year, one night, I remember that on my way home, I was thinking about many things that happened to me during the day: Everything was wrong from morning to night. It was a f…day! (I think I caught you. This f does not stand for what you thought, but for fruitless!! he, he). I looked up and said to myself: “Hey, Lord, give me a break! I know I am not a good man, but I am not the worst person in the world either. As I was walking and complaining, complaining and complaining, just when I turned the corner, I saw a man walking on crutches. He had uncontrollable head movements. His feet and arms were bent and they shook uncontrollably too. I don’t honestly know how he managed to put on the suit he wore at that time. This man was singing a song, and I was…complaining about my “bad day”. After that, I stop walking for five minutes, thought about it for 10 minutes and stop complaining forever.

Copyright 2012 by All rights reserved.


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