Love, age and marriage

By Eddy Montilla

Eddy: Even in tragic circumstances, we can find winners and losers. That’s what I learned today when I saw three different couples walking hand in hand.

Reader: Eddy, the only tragic thing I can see about your idea is YOU! What’s wrong with walking hand in hand?

Eddy: Hey, hey, it’s not about walking hand in hand. This is not the problem. Listen, Arranged marriage companies in Japan have been the winners after the earthquake last March because this kinds of business have been flourishing. Many Japanese women want to get married at all costs after the earthquake. Those couples’ age difference was over 15 years. If they want to have a family because they fell in love with these men of advanced years, it’s fine: I tip my hat to LOVE. But something tells me that they just don’t want to be alone, they want to feel safe and protected. And this is the problem. With this age gap (like 40-56), in ten years they will go from protected to protectors.

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