“Don’t talk to strangers”, she said

Por Eddy Montilla

I don’t know why, but I suddenly thought about the word “stranger”, and it brought to mind an incident that happened when I was in Newark, NJ. I was in a very decent hotel where elevators don’t go up if you don’t insert your room card, that is, not a place for “strangers”, but only for guests. Besides two fine restaurants, the hotel has a small store, and I went there to buy a couple of things. Two or three customers, no more than that. Then, a woman in early middle age with a scene worth seeing in Hollywood, said to her daughter, a teenager: “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be with STRANGERS”

     “Strangers”, I said to myself. And then, “God Bless America”, I said to everybody. This world is crazy these days and people see a thief, an enemy in each person walking on the streets. Once upon a time there were people who thought that there were no strangers in the world, but people that we had not met yet. This time has gone.

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