AKB48 and some “ayashii” Japanese men

By Eddy Montilla

I don’t like Japanese music these days because singers like inserting English words and phrases in their songs. Otherwise, don’t expect that your song will be heard. For me, it is like some kind of complex and adoring feelings for Western music. But on my way home, I saw two children singing happily a song. I asked them about that song and told me that it belongs to a Japanese female group called AKB48. This group holds the record of being the world’s largest pop group (61 members as of May 2011!!).

     I was curious about it and watched on tv for TWO MINUTES a concert of this group. I expected to see some children like those I saw at the street, but to my great surprise, most of fans I saw were men between 25 and 30 years old. Wow!! Hey, if your father is 70 years old, all his favorite singers are dead. And if you are 40 years old, your favorite artists probably have the same age as your dad. That’s what I call “natural order”, but these men were at a concert where singers on average are under 20, that is, minors!!

What were these men doing there? I don’t know…escaping from reality, fantasizing about being with a minor on a bed, trying to go back to old times, I don’t really know…In Japanese, “ayashii” means something questionable, dubious or suspicious. I think that this time, I will use the same Japanese concept to express what I felt when saw these guys there: These men are ayashii.

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One Response to AKB48 and some “ayashii” Japanese men

  1. minamitsuru says:

    I’m a Japanese university student and I like AKB48. But I’m not “ayashii” girl. haha

    Actually AKB48 like interesting English words, but maybe most of Japanese don’t know the meaning of English words and they don’t care if English is strange. I can understand the meaning of English in their song, but if it’s strange, I don’t care and I enjoy their song.

    Recently, Japanese pop idles, like AKB48 are very popular in Japan. They have many fans of all ages and both sexes. The reason why is Japanese “ayashii” men has increased and not “ayashii” people also like AKB48. Thanks to the fame of AKB48, other Japanese pop idles could come into fashion I think.

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