New Definition for the Word Perfect

By Eddy Montilla

Every day I use an electronic dictionary because it’s easy to carry and it contains dozens of books, but there is something I really miss about my paper dictionary. When I was a child, I used to open a dictionary at random and read all words that were written on that pages. That’s something I cannot do my electronic device. What a pity!

     Last Sunday, I tried to remember old times, and when I read the definition for the word PERFECT (complete and without faults or weaknesses), I hesitated for a moment. I looked around and couldn’t find anything made by human hands that could be considered perfect. So, today I suggest a new definition for that word: Perfect should mean to work hard on something in order to do it the best you can, but knowing full well that it’s impossible to be perfect. I think that if many people thought in that way, they would no have the stress that kills them every day.

     And if you say: “Who do you think you are, Shakespeare?”. Then, I will kindly answer to you: Me? No. I’m just a simple person who is not PERFECT!!

Copyright 2011 by All rights reserved.


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