Like Father, like…himself!

By Eddy Montilla

The other day I went to an office and met by pure chance a young, but high-ranking official whose grandfather was prominent in political circles in the Dominican Republic. Hated by many and loved by plenty, he ruled the Dominican politics for decades. But maybe this kid did not know him well or does not know his roots. I exchanged some words with him. I didn’t expect some replica of what his grandfather was, but at least some flashes of wisdom. I didn’t get any. He spent all the time talking to his secretary about his very expensive shirt that he had sent to a dry cleaner’s and some stains he found on it. It was a terrible disappointment!

     Listen, if in your family all members are like beasts and they treated you in the same way, then to eat grass, behave like an animal or whatever could be an understandable mistake to make if this is your case. But if your father or grandfather were good men, great men for their families and the society where they live(d), then you have some moral and ,somehow, historical responsibility to be as good as they were. That is what I think about it and that’s why I could not endure such a banal conversation about his shirt any more, left his office and went to a cafeteria to take shelter in a cup of coffee.

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