Inveterate Smoker

People line up to buy cigarettes

Line up! For cigarettes

By Eddy Montilla

After the earthquake and tsunami that slammed Miyagi prefecture, in Japan, people have to line up for almost everything: gasoline, food, water, etc. You might think that these people you can see in this picture go through the same situation. The unimaginable thing is that they line up to buy a pack of cigarette!! Gee, I don’t know what to think…Well, actually I know: It is very sad to see how many people chain themselves to bad habits to the point that they are no longer able to control themselves.

     I strongly believe in free will. Every person has the right to do exactly as his or her please with his or her life. I am not against bad habits. However, this time, I cannot contain myself and I will take the liberty of making an incisive comment: Many people have unusual ways (Oh, come on, this is not incisive at all!!). Okay, okay, let’s say… silly ways to waste their lives.

Copyright 2011 by All rights reserved.


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