Earthquake + Tsunami= A Destroyed Japan

Japan will need time to recover from the earthquake

Japan will need time to recover from the earthquake

By Eddy Montilla

The tsunami did its job to devastate what the earthquake didn’t in Miyagi prefecture, Japan. Even though the tsunami alarm rang, seawater entered the cities so fiercely and quickly that hundreds of people did not manage to get themselves to safety.

     Many cars were engulfed in waves. Houses were being swept by the tsunami including those who were inside. It was really a terrifying moment. What many people have only seen just as a figment of a director’s imagination, we lived it through as something real. In a couple of minutes, the sea claimed the lives of many while others tried to take refuge. Those who were in the highest places and the few buildings that remained in the area looked helpless what had happened. When the tsunami ended, the scenery was bleak. Places where I used to visit or go to work were partially or completely destroyed. In the twinkle of an eye, towns with a lot of houses became a place full of rubble and corpses.

     After the biggest one, we have had hundreds of tremors (I felt three per hour) and a lot of earthquakes, some of them with the same magnitude as the earthquake that hit New Zealand last month. People try to keep calm, but one can see and feel anguish in each citizen that walks in the streets looking for food, a missing relative or shelter.

     There is a huge difference between a general “leading” a war from his tent and a soldier fighting in the front line. The first one is safe, does not shoot and always orders. The second one, however, has his life hung by a thread, can see “bullets” coming and cannot flee. The situation that Japan gets through seen on tv makes a person sad; seen from here, it is horrible and traumatic.

Many people say that, sooner or later, Japan will return to normal. Maybe they are right, maybe not. But in Miyagi, where the earthquake hit badly, life will never be the same, at least, for thousands of Japanese.

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2 Responses to Earthquake + Tsunami= A Destroyed Japan

  1. kumi says:

    hola eddy !
    kumi desu
    buji de yokatta honto ni yokatta
    kazoku mo kega wa nai ?
    samukunai ? chan to taberareteru ?
    takeshi to kosumo wa daijyobukana ?
    ima doko ni iruno ? sendai ?
    mail kudasai mattemasu
    ki otsukete
    doka anzen de..
    kio tsukete

  2. Jose Mendez says:

    Hola mi primo como estas ?
    Te escribe tu primo JOSE MENDEZ, la verdad q ha sido mucho tiempo si saber de ti y esperando q todo este bien junto a tu familia.
    Cuando estube en SD pase por casa de tia, pero inafortunadamente no te pude ver.
    Bueno se me cuida por ahi y espero verlo en su proximo viaje a SD si nos juntamos.
    at. Jose A. Mendez

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