G-20: Waste of Time

By Eddy Montilla

Once again we have the presidents, prime ministers and leaders of the top 20 richest countries in the world together, and one more time the result has been the same: A lot of pictures, misleading hugs, sidelong glances, etc., but nothing concrete about how to solve the urgent problems that affect the whole world.

     Fidel Castro has defects in his character, but we have to recognize that his appraisal of what the G-20 is (a madhouse) seems to be somehow accurate. Some people call him impolite for his comments. I, for my part, think that he was generous and prefer to call the G-20 a waste of time. These countries’ political and economic leaders spend time having unfruitful meetings, long parties and succulent foods. The spend time making sure themselves that “our” world economy will spin around their countries and needs. They spend time making promises to poor countries that they will never fulfill. Where is the help that many countries promised to Haiti after the earthquake that devastated this impoverished nation? Who saves Haiti from the cholera that has claimed more than 1,100 lives until this moment?

     We are kidding ourselves if we think that the G-20 works. It did not work, it does not and it will not until they take world collective decisions for everybody’s benefits. But this seems to be utopian ideals for them. I wonder why the world needs a G-20 when in fact we have 192 recognized countries. I wonder why a small group should decide and hold the reins of the world.

     Let me repeat it again: It was not inn-mannered of Fidel Castro to say his comment about the G-20. In my case, I am sorry if I go too far with my comments, but the G-20 is like a group of entertainers of a bad circus: They just want people all around the world become their public. Sorry, I do not buy tickets for their performance and hope you don’t.

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