Is Angela Merkel Racist?

By Eddy Montilla

Yes and No. First of all, let me tell you that this is not an evasive answer, and I hope that at the end of this think piece you can understand better why I say this. She is only realist when she said that multiculturalism (interpreted as the peaceful coexistence between the German and foreign workers) failed in Germany.

     People from different nationalities can sit at the same table and eat for years, but we will not get the same result if they belong to different religions. Soon or later, differences almost impossible to settle will arise. Until now, we have been able to put together families, societies and countries, but not religions. This is what Germany did not foresee when opened its doors to “guest workers” to fill a labor shortage during the flourishing economy in the 1960s.

      Where the Chancellor Angela Merkel can be branded racist is in her remark: “We kidded ourselves for a while that they wouldn’t stay, but that’s not the reality”. Such a comment makes me think that the Germany government at that time just wanted to take advantage of those workers, and once they were not necessary for the Germany’s economic growth, they’d be repatriated like “container load for export”. If you consider that this is not a racist idea, then, I do not know what racism is and, therefore, there is no point in reading this article. Please go to Youtube and watch an amusing video instead. Germany, like many others countries, had a plan A to deal with immigrants, but it turned out C.

     People like it or not, immigrants come to developed countries to stay unless the poor situation they get through in their country of origin changes. According to economic terms, it could be not exact, but according to practice, immigrants mean people who go to another country looking for a better life. If many citizens in rich nations do not want to see so many immigrants in their countries, should start thinking about what situation forces them to cross the borders. Who sacked the Americas’ gold and exploit Africa? Who created the prevailing economic model that keeps people in poor nations living in subhuman conditions? These immigrants are only looking for what they were snatched or denied by right.

     World migration statistics reveals an upward tendency of immigrants towards rich nations. Nobody can stop that, not even with racial bias measures like those taken by Italy and France to repatriate people, for example. I think that the only way to solve this problem is creating a fair international society and economic model. Otherwise, Germany, Chancellor Merkel and the other twenty rich countries will have to learn to give a pleasant smile and say hello to immigrants for a long time. Then, they decide.

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