It is time to talk to China…

China's policy is melting the whole world

By Eddy Montilla

     A recent ship collision incident between a Chinese fishing boat and a Japanese ship made me write this title: It is time to talk to China, and here, that I have more space to write, let me tell you the end of it: Or it will be late and catastrophic for the whole world!! It’s okay, call me an exaggerated and hyperbolic man, irrational perhaps, whatever you want, but reality never lies and what I saw after that incident makes me think that China can hurt economically the world if they do not learn to play fair in terms of international relations.

     The collision occurred near the Senkaku islands, an area claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan too. The Chinese captain was detained for a couple of weeks and Japanese government was, somehow, forced to release him, basically because of the Chinese’s reactions and immature position adopted by the Chinese government.

     Chinese groups started to throw stones at Japanese restaurants, schools and others Japanese establishments located in China. Thousands of Chinese protestors rallied in the streets to show their hatred for Japan rather than their support for the Chinese captain. Are the owners of these establishments to blame for this problem? NO!! Are these Chinese who did that patriotic? No!! Patriotic people do not use violence against innocent people or commit an act of vandalism.

     Chinese government’s reaction was somehow very similar to these protestors’ stance. When you have a problem with someone, you talk to this person to solve it or look for legal advice if the situation gets worse. Are not countries supposed to do the same? I mean, countries should try to meet and resolve their differences by diplomatic means. But during the conflict, China stopped exporting earth rare metals (essential elements to produce electronic devices like mobile phones, etc.) to Japan, like a child who says after a quarrel: “I don’t lend you my toys anymore!” The Chinese government seems very concerned to make it clear that they can take further actions if necessary. Otherwise, millions of dollars would not be spent on weapon purchases regularly.

     Germany and Japan went to war when they felt superior and confident that they could defeat the world. What if in the future Chinese people start feeling the same? All people in their respective countries make a big mistake when they buy Chinese products at low prices and destroying their national companies that cannot compete and go bankrupt. The rich make a big mistake when they go to China to install companies just because they can earn more and pay less there instead of promoting their national industries. The whole world makes a big mistake by letting China play its own game (almost always unfair) when international trades are made. And, if something is not done, we will pay a high price for these mistakes. We still have time. Let’s talk

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One Response to It is time to talk to China…

  1. NO..! China have a HUGE of Military..!
    but up to you, this is your opinion…
    HAPPY Halloween 🙂

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