Don’t cry for him, Argentina

By Eddy Montilla

It is really a disgrace that many people usually recognize a person’s merit when he or she is dead and buried. Nestor Kirchner’s death is a perfect example of this well-known mistake made by us: Human beings. Argentina’s former president died at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack and now people want to say how good he was.

     Kirchner was not perfect. Nobody is. But he gave all he could for his country. It was Kirchner who paid off the Argentina’s debt to the International Monetary Fund, so that those who went abroad could return and those who stayed could put bread on the table again. Unfortunately, people tend to forget easily. Many people do not remember who had to face one of worst economic crises of Argentina or how many Argentines became poor overnight and others had to leave the country looking for a better life during Argentina’s crisis.

Nestor Kirchner, ex-President of Argentina

SOURCE: Photo courtesy of Mariano Pernicone under a Creative Commons License.

     During his presidency (2003-2007), he not only changed Argentina’s economic situation from chaos to economic growth, but he went further in other areas too: On behalf of the State, he said sorry for the crimes committed during the military dictatorship, and in a country where the military still play an important role when electing and keeping a president in power, you need to have guts to say so: SORRY. He also reorganized the armed forces and the Supreme Court.

     The firm hand leaders of the Peronist Party saw in him a popular and puppet president for their own benefit. However, once Kirchner became president, he held the reins and had a government of the people for the people. He lived and died for his biggest love: Politics. Some day, we will learn the lesson that it is not good to wait until someone dies to recognize his or her merits. Nestor Kirchner will be remembered as one of the best presidents of his country. Don’t cry for him, Argentina: His legacy is perennial.

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