Chile’s miners: An Example for the World

By Eddy Montilla

I don’t have to tell you the story because this piece of news has spread like wildfire, but just in case you have taken a long vacation somewhere out of this beautiful, but administered wrong world, let me tell you that 33 miners have been trapped in a mine for more than two months in Chile. They are a valuable example for many people and countries and, not because every day they stay there, they set an unusual and unprecedented record (nobody until now had survived so many days inside a mine at a depth of 700m), but because of their behavior.

     These days when people let egoism get the best of them, these miners teach us a good lesson: TO SHARE. Despite having food for just three days, they could survive with the same amount of food for 17 days!! In the same situation, some people would have said: “Let’s eat today, because we don’t know about tomorrow!”, and all of them would be dead now. Others would have used the Law of the Jungle, and the result would have not changed at all: The same pile of corpses.

     UNITY: They knew that the only way to survive was to work as a compact group and keep all of them together. So, they could overcome fear, then panic and finally despair. It is incredible how well organized when they were found. A good lesson to learn: When you are in trouble, the best way to get you back on your feet is if everybody becomes one.

     They also taught us what FAITH means and how it works. These miners did not wait with their arms folded the Specter of Death to come. No, sir! They kept fighting for their lives with the strong conviction that their families were there, outside, waiting for them to get out. They hung on to the idea that they had to live for them and for themselves. They worked for a miracle to happen and they were rewarded.

     Thousands of miners lose their lives in many countries every year. Their job makes our lives more comfortable, but, unfortunately, it also gets richer the rich while they have to do the 3Ds job. I think that is the last thing we can learn from them: The necessity for a new and FAIR world order for work.

Copyright 2010 by All rights reserved.


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