LEBRON JAMES: “A king” running like everyone else

By Eddy Montilla

Everybody knows that kings are weak and when their reign is at stake or they are in great peril, they just run and run looking for a shelter, looking for someone who can keep them covered. This time, Lebron James was lucky and he got two to do that job: Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

     Do not blame Lebron for leaving The Cleveland Cavaliers. Since he proclaims himself as “The King”, he just did what all kings do: Run away in the face of danger. The mass media is to blame for everything since it magnifies an open secret: He would not stay with the team that opened its doors to him in the hope that he would bring a championship to the city. That was a hard task to achieve, and his decision showed that he just grew up from an immature teenager to an immature man.

     Lebron is very talented and already one of the best basketball players ever. But in the nba you don’t write history with money, but with rings and, above all, with legacy. Think about Kobe Briant, think about Tim Duncan. Other players also have rings, but they are the guys who come to your mind when you talk about The Lakers and San Antonio, because their teams and organizations spin around them. They are the center of everything. That was what Lebron could not foresee when he signed with Miami. All rings he can get there will be stained with doubt. People will say he couldn’t do it in the same way Kobe and Duncan did: They endured the absence of Shaq and David Robinson and won championships.

     Lebron made the biggest mistake of his brilliant career. He could cover himself with glory by winning a championship for Cleveland because nobody has done it until now and many people thought that he was the only one who could do it. As a superstar, you have the responsibility to come up to people’s expectations, but it seems that it was too hard for him.

     Lebron James will not have legacy like Jordan, Kobe and others superstars in the nba. He will be remembered for his incredible abilities to play basketball, his abnormal ego and for being an evasive “king”.

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