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Thought of the day: variety and continuity

By Eddy Montilla.


Variety is truly important because it brings fun and happiness to your life, but never forget that it is continuity what will really help you to achieve what you want.

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Let’s talk about movies: The hateful eight (2015) cannot be loved, cannot hated

By Eddy Montilla.

Rating: 6.0/10

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino.

Written by: Quentin Tarantino.

Genre: Western.

MPAA Rating: R (contain some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them).

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren), Kurt Russell (John Ruth), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue) and Walton Goggings (Sheriff Chris Mannix).

Running Time: 167 minutes.

I love Western films and proudly say it without fear of being called a movie palaeolithic critic. Fantasy and science fiction movies fill the cinemas for a simple and psychological reason: today’s people try to deny their own reality, cannot cope with it and prefer to dream about something different or escape for a while. Good directors and writers are severely depleted these days. The vast majority of them are not so good, but are not stupid either. They know that the margin for error in fiction movies can be as wide as an ocean, and therefore, they can easily justify careless mistakes with a single phrase: “It’s fiction.” So, you need to be very good in order to make a good Western film. And you need to love and understand the movie world to be able to appreciate this genre.

     I loved the first minutes of The hateful eight (2015): The classic western music and stagecoach, the bounty hunters’ toughness, Samuel L. Jackson (Major Marquis Warren) and Kurt Russell (John Ruth) and I loved the remarkable and funny acting of Jennifer Jason Leigh (Daisy Domergue). But some time later, despite the good plot, the music and the group of good actors, I wondered if this movie was worth seeing because of its excessive bloody scenes. Obviously, they were absolutely disgusting, exaggerated and, above all, unnecessary. My Darling Clementine (1946), Shane (1953), The Big Country (1958), Rio Bravo (1959), For a few dollars more (1965) and many other great Western films stand the test of time for their actor’s toughness rather than for the blood coming out the bodies of gunmen. In fact, you will not see in any of these movies mentioned before the pool of blood that I saw in The hateful eight (2015).

     Quentin Tarantino’s movies are characterized by an aestheticization of violence that I personally dislike and disapprove. With so many real cases of violence in daily lives, we don’t need more incentives. When I finished watching the movie, the first thing that came to my mind was my sister’s pasta. When she was a teenager and had a party with her friends, she always bought good ingredients and cooked pasta. And before her friends came to our house, she always told me: “Eddy, help me to change the taste! Good ingredients without balance will not lead you to a good dish. That happened to Tarantino’s The hateful eight.

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This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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A good laugh: Keeping burglars away

By Eddy Montilla.


“Mark, burglars don’t give me a moment’s peace.”

“I had the same problem, Fred, but now I can even sleep with the door wide open.”

“How did you get it?”

“Very simple. I just put a sign in front of my house: To burglars: I have all the fences around his home electrified with high voltage, a pit bull is always behind the door and my wife’s face is uglier than hell. Believe me, if the first two things do not kill you, the third one will do.”

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Curiosities: Why do some people crack their fingers (knuckles) and why knuckle cracking makes a popping sound?

By Eddy Montilla.


Yesterday, I wanted to go to a quiet place to write a short story, so I went to the town library. It was very quiet indeed, except for the noise made by a student who was cracking his knuckles. The first time he did it, minutes later, he tried to repeat the same action, but it was in vain. However, after 20 minutes or so, he was right there, doing the same thing again. Then, I was a little bit upset and also curious to know why some people crack their knuckles to a point that they cannot stop.

     Joint cracking is a habit, and in general, people keep attached to their habits because they feel good doing so. Some people crack their knuckles to get rid of stress; others claim to experience physical release, certain feeling of comfort and looseness.

     As for the popping sound, what do you hear when a balloon bursts? A sound, right? And a balloon contains gas. There are different theories about the popping noise, but in general they have the same thing in common: gas bubbles. Between the bones, there is a liquid called synovial fluid whose function is to allow the joint to move freely by acting as a lubricant. This synovial fluid contains gas bubbles that pop when they receive some pressure, making the familiar sound we know. A most recent theory points to a cavity filled with gas that is formed when the joint is stretched apart. However, in both cases, the idea is the same: The popping noise comes from gas as primary agent. Since the gas stays in the synovial fluid more than 20 minutes, a person cannot crack his or her knuckles repeatedly. They need 20-30 minute intervals for that, and that’s why the kid in the library could not crack his fingers twice so quickly, which allowed me to write the first paragraph of my story without being interrupted by his noise.

     Finally, until now, there is no scientific evidence that links joint cracking to arthritis. Joint injuries, swelling and other problems are not beyond the bounds of possibility, but is not sure that you will end up dealing with these problems either. But the sound you make whenever you crack your knuckles is socially disturbing and annoying. Therefore, be careful and think about other people.

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Tell me the answer: When do you find peace in your heart?

By Eddy Montilla.


When you reach the point where you do not look for people’s esteem or care about their comments and hatred for you.

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Curiosities: How many times does a person blink per minute and why?

By Eddy Montilla.


When you blink, you shut and open your eyes quickly, in fact, quicker than the proverb “in the blink of an eye”, because a blink only takes one third of a second. We blink for several reasons, for example, to keep the eye clean and moist because if the eyeball dries out, it becomes itchy and irritating. A blink is also a protective mechanism against bright light or particles that could hurt your eyes.

     As for the number of times we blink, I think that we have to be very careful with figures here because the range of blink rate is wide and it depends on different factors and situations. For example, while an infant only blinks one or twice per minute, a person under great stress and anxiety, could blink 40 or 50 times, and if you are very concentrated on something, you will not blink more than 20. But if you still want something more specific, a person blinks on average between 15 and 20 times per minute, 900 and 1200 times in an hour.

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Tell me the answer: What should you be in life?

By Eddy Montilla.


What you can be.

I wish I could be a writer as fine as Óscar Wild, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway or Mark Twain. But I can’t and I know I will never get their levels. I wish I could be a journalist like Diane Sawyer, but I can’t be like her either. So, what do I do? Since I cannot be any of these great people, I learned what I am and what I can be: Eddy Montilla. I don’t think I can stand at their sides in terms of greatness, but we can be at the same level in terms of happiness. Did you get the point? Instead of focusing on what you want to be, pay more attention to what you can be and try to improve starting from this perspective of life. And if you do that, I am sure that your life will be better because regret and frustrations will not haunt you never more.

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USA: Presidential elections, but where are the candidates?

By Eddy Montilla.

If American voters stopped for a while to reflect on the presidential candidates from whom they will have their 45th president, instead of being cheering for one and booing the others, they would have asked themselves “where the society failed”. For decades, USA had not had so many “matt candidates” at the same time, unable to deliver a convincing and hopeful speech to make people believe that the economy and society will not go back to the levels they had 8 years ago, or maybe worse. Since they started campaigning, the presidential candidates (specially the republican ones) have gone from mediocrity to absurdity, from absurdity to ridiculousness.

     Donald Trump: A man with demagogic speeches. I cannot find logical and coherency in his political ideas. It is absolutely pathetic that Trump, with such aggressive and offensive language, has been able to win so many adherents. It is not a good sign for the American society because supporters and their leaders usually share the same ideas and behaviour. Why do many Americans follow a man who always says I will do this, do that, but does not say how?

     Ted Cruz: What can you expect from a candidate who can be seen on a political ad shooting a gun with a piece of bacon on its barrel? It is not much better to shoot ideas instead of bullets?

     Marco Rubio: An inexperienced politician, able to repeat the same sentence three times word by word during a televised debate, but unable to come up with a good and quick answer to get out of the predicament in which he put himself.

     Hillary Clinton: Despite so many years in politics, she is still saying “If you vote for me…”, “I think that I should be the president because I am the best prepared person for that job…” as she were running for president of some school club. These words fits perfectly for a kid, but puerile for a person who aspires to be the president of the world’s largest economy.

     Bernie Sanders: A politician who noticed the lack of great political leaders during these presidential elections and thinks he can take chances and try his luck.

     President Barack Obama is a very good president and politician, and he is lucky too because while other presidents are usually compared with their predecessors, Obama will be unavoidable compared with his successor too because no matter who becomes the next president of USA, any of these candidates will do a better job than he did. So in both cases, president Obama has won. People usually say that time flies. Well, in terms of politics and economy, the next 4 years will probably be very long in USA.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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Last Love Poems: Love from the school

By Eddy Montilla.


Love from the school, you suddenly came,

without being called, without being seen,

building up false hopes, just like a dream

among the memories of an immature child

that by the passage of time, by the vicissitudes of life

could finally understand his broken heart.

What a lot of excuses I made and all silly comments I said!

The things we do when we are young,

the things we do when we are in love…

Always walking around your house,

so frequently that your neighbours used to laugh at me,

waiting for hours where you had to walk,

just happy to see you straight past

and happier to see you stop for a while,

searching for a way to draw your attention,

your attention that let me to go home to daydream

or to dream my night.

Love from the school, I am alone in my room,

writing these simple verses and having a coffee.

On grey days like this one, loneliness increases

and that’s why, perhaps, I’m thinking of you now,

trying to imagine what you are doing…

Reading a book, playing with your kids,

living your life day by day, year by year,

with many happy afternoons without a single lovely night.

Love from the school, I heard from my friends

that sometimes you ask for me…

Should I be happy or confused?

Should I scream or be mute?

You know what? I don’t feel the same I felt for you.

Don’t misunderstand me: Thank you for loving me in the distance,

for being away from me

because that distance and unrequited love,

bore through my soul, hurt my heart

and filled it with sadness that created remembrances,

remembrances of you that I will never forget.

Then, who could be happier than me?

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A good laugh: The perverted ant

By Eddy Montilla.


“You look great!” An ant said to an elephant. “If I could make love with you tonight, I don’t care to die tomorrow!

“No disrespect intended, but I don’t think you have the size to respond or satisfy me on a bed.” The elephant said.

The ant went away and minutes later, came back with 7 million ants that made a thick and compact 2-metre-long line while looked the elephant’s private parts.

“It’s Ok. We are ants. We work in groups!”

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