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(6) Six steps for a good job interview

By Eddy Montilla.


Not to be called for a job interview hurts less than the bad news about being rejected because those who belong to the second position usually say: “I was so close this time…” A lot of people see their dreams of working for a particular company evaporate because their mistakes during the interview ruin their chances of getting the job. If you are reading this article is because you will have an interview soon. Take a look at these steps before, and perhaps, they can help you.

Step 1: rehearse before the interview

     If you are not a person gifted in words, you should start from this point: Rehearse possible questions and answers to gain confidence and control nervousness. Confidence comes from the fact of having practiced in advance, which means you will be treading on familiar grounds, and this
practice will make you feel that it is not the first time you face this situation, so you will be able to have your interview without apprehension.

Step 2: Get dressed in accordance with the position that you are applying for

     Little things have the peculiarity of creating big impressions. A boss does not expect you to come wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase if you are applying for a carpenter job, but he does not expect you to come wearing a uniform and holding a handsaw either, especially if you are applying for a position that traditionally requires a formal dress code.

Step 3: show confidence without falling into the other extreme: overconfidence

     An immediate boss or supervisor is always afraid of an indecisive person who has been hired since his job will increase, and his salary will remain as it is. So, during your job, you should show that you are naturally strong and firm, a self-confident person about your job, but at the same time, a person who can also be flexible enough to listen to the others and reach an agreement. Except for those situations where theory and practical exams are required, candidates are not asked to show all they know during an interview. It means that words might be decisive, so make them your best weapon in the good sense of the word, but be careful with them too. You have probably heard about many people who got hurt with their own weapons, right? Therefore, avoid being overconfident and exaggerations when you have to talk about your capabilities. Do not sell yourself as one of the know-it-alls of this generation who can solve any problem, but as a person who can contribute to the firm’s success. People usually hate the first person because he or she could act dishonestly and love the second one because he or she helps without causing problems.

Step 4: control your emotions and show a happy countenance

     After his exam, Oliver said to his friends: “I did it badly in my exam!” Then, when everything has finished and he’s checking the answers, he responds correctly to almost all questions. I am sure that something similar to this story has happened to your friends or perhaps to you. It is a good example about how emotions without control can ruin our projects. The point here is not to be free from pressure or nerves (everybody has such kind of feelings during a job interview), but to find a way to control them. Besides, do not forget to smile since a smile and happy countenance can work miracles. Remember that nobody wants to work with a person whose face looks like a pit-bull terrier.

Step 5: Handle your answers in a way that you do not highlight your abilities and needs, but your contribution to the firm’s success and its needs.

     This is probably the most important step, and despite that, the most underestimated. During a job interview, people tend to respond and talk giving the impression or suggesting that they can do this and can do that. It is something like… “I have studied a lot, have a lot of experience and I am, therefore, the perfect candidate for this position”. However, a boss has a different approach to this situation. I personally believe that in most cases, he is wrong, but on the other hand, I know that, putting it in quite practical terms, he is right when he thinks that the only perfect person is the owner for being the owner and the person who can do many things is himself because he is the boss. It is absolute illusory to think that you can get better results by acting and talking about your skills, accolades, etc., like other candidates do in order to impress the employer. Show your contribution, your flexibility to work in group and individually, your commitment to the company, etc., and you will have better chances to get the job.

Step 6: Be punctual

     I do not think it is necessary to explain this subject in great depth: If you are late when things matter most, you will also be late for daily things at office. To all of this must be added the stress caused by haste.

     This paragraph has nothing to do with the steps mentioned before, but with the words thanks. If I am lucky and my pieces of advice helped you to get the job you wanted, rather than an e-mail to say thank you, I prefer that you donate 1% of your first salary for a donation to charity.

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Tell me the answer: How can you get rid of the stress caused by the lack of time?

By Eddy Montilla.


A simple replacement of words can help a lot to reduce the stress caused by the lack of time. Use “still” instead of “only”, and you will notice some benefits immediately. Let’s see an example: When you do not have time, the phrase “I only have 10 minutes” leads only to despair and haste while “I still have 10 minutes” gives you a hopeful and promising perspective of the problem.

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Last Love Poems: She went away…

By Eddy Montilla.

IMAGE: Eddy Montilla

Image: Eddy Montilla

She went away…

Don’t ask me why.

Don’t the waves do the same after kissing the shore?

Does the moon stay with us every day at dawn?

Birds leave their nests when time has come.

Petals say goodbye to flowers full of hope.

Passion dies when love has gone

like happiness without little things inside.

Water escapes if the soil is dry

and clouds, clouds are blown away by the wind.

Even our friends go away and

the remembrance of them will not stay.

She went away…

Don’t ask me with whom,

because love and freedom take the same path,

but it is always freedom that should go first.

I never think about names, people or places.

If someone exists, he will be there.

It doesn’t make sense to think about him:

It would take up my time,

the time I need to think about her.

I don’t want to imagine how he could be,

I don’t want to destroy all she did.

She went away…

Don’t ask me where.

Any place is perfect when tranquillity is found.

Distance grows over time, but much more over pain.

Who cares about places when there is no love.

Her presence was my compass, the west where the sun sets.

I don’t know where I am. I know where I’m from.

I don’t know where she is, but she will not come.

She went away…

Don’t ask me when.

Any time is good to leave,

to start from the beginning when we reached the end,

to say no when it hurts us to say yes

and to say yes when we don’t have a no.

Yes, she went away…

I also have to do the same,

but with my best smile, without haste,

holding my head high

and ignoring what people were saying.

I cannot walk the same path.

I will not run after her,

after oasis of calm I cannot see,

a cruel mirage that makes me bleed.

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USA: The problem of black men killed by police must be seen from all angles

By Eddy Montilla.


When you try to find a solution for a problem and you only look at it from one angle, what you get at the end is a wrong or a partial answer. This is exactly the situation that the U.S. government, mass media and people in general have every time that a young black man is killed by police. They focus their attention, comments and bias either on the black killed man or on the white officer who killed him. When two black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed in different incidents, but only separated by an interval of hours, the mass media quickly informed that 123 people have been killed by police so far this year with official figures showing that young black men are 21 times more likely to be killed than young white men. In cases like these ones, Many people always take to the streets in protest against what they call clear racism. Some people, like Micah Johnson, who killed five police officers in Dallas’ shooting, are looking for retaliatory actions against white police officers. And all of them are absolutely wrong because they only see or can only see one angle of the problem: A WHITE police officer killing an UNARMED BLACK man. They are only thinking about racism. How about the other angles?

     Police officers take action based on judgments. If their calculation is wrong they can be killed or they can erroneously kill an innocent man. They do not base their actions on racism as many people believe, but on figures, and in statistical terms, who has the greater proclivity for the use of force and murder? Obviously, this argument does not entitle an officer to shoot a black person during a situation that “looks suspicious”, but it will give you an idea (if you put yourself in his or her place) about the difficult dilema they have to deal with: To shoot or being shot. I do not defend or approve any action that leads to the death of any person since it is an horrendous act regardless people’s color, actions, etc. However, it is not inconsistent with that to say that police officers are not killing black people because of racial prejudice as many people think or say. Police officers who daily deal with cases where black people are involved are not the best. I know that, you know that too, but they are not the bad guys of the movie either. They leave home and do not know if they will return until they ring the bell, which means that they live day by day under constant stress. It is very easy to criticize when you are not the person who is in great peril. Put yourself in their shoes and you will see and feel different, you will understand that there are more angles to see when it comes to solve this problem.

     Whenever USA is shocked by cases like Alton Sterling’s and Philando Castile’s, people do not waste time to label them as “unarmed and innocent black people who were brutally killed.” Unarmed? Probably right. Innocent? Absolutely wrong. Many of these black people who have been killed are far from being angels, just to cite one example, these two young men whose death sparked immediate national protests were not precisely role models or something similar: Sterling’s records show that he had been arrested in the past for aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, marijuana possession and for carrying an illegal weapon. Castile had not felony convictions like Sterling had, but Minnesota police had stopped him for driving without a muffler, for not having an insurance card, for driving after revocation of his driver’s license, and so on. They accused him of minor traffic issues dozens of times. The fact of having committed a crime (either a single misdemeanor or murder) can not justify the decision of shooting a person to death. That’s not right. But it is not right either to protest in the streets in the way many people do, defending those killed people as if they were a portrayal of Mother Teresa simply because they are not, at least, that is what they criminal record shows.

     Racism exerts significant influence over a police officer when deciding whether to pull a trigger or not against a black person in the United States, but this is not the only fact that causes the problem. It is not the problem itself. Economic and social inequality, the wide gap between the haves and the have-nots and low levels of formal education might well be the real reasons of the loss of so many lives. Now the important question is with people’s attention directed towards the tip of the iceberg, will they be able to dive to the bottom and find the crux of the problem and its solution?

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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Thought of the day: What is life?

By Eddy Montilla.


Life is a succession of good things and misfortunes that are alternated enigmatically to bring to your eyes a couple of tears from time to time and bring to your face a broad smile many times.

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Tell me the answer: why should we always thank our enemies?

By Eddy Montilla.


Because thanks to our enemies’ actions we can recognize and value our truly friends.

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The United Kingdom: With politicians made of ice, its future is more uncertain

By Eddy Montilla.


The most similar thing to the relation between The United Kingdom and the European Union is a kid who received a toy: At first, the kid is always playing with the toy; later, he gets tired of it and put it aside. He breaks it up into pieces, just for curiosity and, at the end, he will be crying because he cannot fix it.

     The most important representative leaders in favour of the “Brexit” (British exit from the European Union) Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove broke the United Kingdom up with their propagandist comments and political manipulation, and now all of them may suffer the same fate: To disappear from the political stage without being able to prove they were right in doing what they did or what is worse, without paying for their mistakes. Nigel Farage, who was the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), was the first who ran away. Faster than an ostrich, he rushed out and left the awkward situation they created themselves to the others. Farage made the soup too peppery and he did not even try it. He created a social and political predicament and did not know how to solve it. Boris Johnson, the spokesperson who gained adherents with his flamboyant style and personality to vote for the exit of the United Kingdom from EU in the historic referendum, changed the tone of his speeches to one more moderate and conciliatory, a clear sign that they were unprepared for the situation, that they never imagined a victory. And what was Johnson’s trophy for that? A word thrust from Michael Gove who decided to remove his support. Gove had from the beginning clear intention to play the game together until certain time, and later, to play alone for a bid to be the next Prime Minister. He only wanted to take advantage of David Cameron’s resignation and the uncertainty created after the result of the referendum. Now that Gove was eliminated from the contest, the Secretary of Justice might be remembered as one of the worst political leaders in his country and perhaps, because of the widespread repercussions throughout Europe, in other countries too.

     The United Kingdom´s history has seen better Prime Ministers than David Cameron. However, let us be fair: Compared to these pseudo-politicians mentioned before, Cameron looks like a genius because he is firmer in his convictions. The latest actions taken by Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove after the referendum show political ignorance, disloyalty and, above all, lack of responsibility. They are undoubtedly politicians made of ice. People in the United Kingdom must be glad that summer is here!

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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A good laugh: Like father, like son

By Eddy Montilla.


One day, the lion got all animals with their young together and told them: “We are getting old and going through a difficult time. We need the best of our children.”

“I am good at making holes.” The baby mole said and other animals clapped.

“I am good at climbing trees for food.” The baby monkey said. And so did other young animals about their skills.

“Say something, as…hole!”, a donkey said to his son.

“I am good at being stupid!!”

“That’s my boy!!”

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Muhammad Ali (1942-2016): The greatest boxer out of the ring

By Eddy Montilla.

Many people like watching boxing because they cannot fight or because of the internal streak of sadism of human beings that creates pleasure when they see a person hitting another, pleasure that becomes sweeter since they are not the one who is receiving the punches. Cassius Clay Jr, today known as Muhammad Ali, proclaimed himself “the greatest” in boxing. Despite his impressive record (56 wins and 5 losses) and his sensational victory over George Foreman, his loss against Joe Frazier in that historic and gladiatorial bout makes me question his self-proclamation. Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and perhaps two more other boxers can be solid contenders for the title of “the greatest”.

     Where I do not have the slightest doubt about Ali’s greatness is out of the ring. From the beginning, Muhammad Ali was fantastic and frequently praised for his boxing talents. He was an Olympic medalist in Rome with a genuine boxing style at 18. He won, lost and reclaimed the heavyweight title, but he had to wait, in my opinion, until the summer of 1996, when the world saw him trembling because of Parkinson’s disease, to receive the respect he really deserved. Ali suffered himself the ambiguity of being one of the USA’s great boxing figures and being a black person precluded from using the same public facilities as their white neighbours. Ali had to fight against racism too.

     While many famous boxers ended up in prison for homicide (Carlos Monzón) or have ruined their lives in the world of drugs and alcohol (Julio César Chávez, Mike Tyson, etc.), Muhammad Ali fought for black people’s basic civil rights. He was a man committed to social causes, he devoted himself to humanitarian work, a United Nation Goodwill Ambassador who preferred to lose the best years of his career rather than fight in the absurd Vietnam War. As a boxer, Muhammad Ali will always be remembered for his “big mouth” before, during and after his bouts, for his speed and agility inside the ring and for his famous quote “…float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…”, but those who know all things that he did for many people around the world have more reasons to remember him for things that are truly important. These people can bestow the title of “the greatest boxer out of the ring” on him. Nothing better than that.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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Thought of the day: Thoughts

By Eddy Montilla.

Mental strength

Normal people think about something once; wise people, twice. Reckless and fool people never think and weak, pusillanimous and doubtful people, full of anxiety, spend their whole life thinking over and over the same thing, and what is worse, doing nothing.

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