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Lessons of life: The lesson of the comedian

By Eddy Montilla.


I went to Tokyo to see a wax museum, and the wax figures looked so real that sometimes they scared me! Near that place, there is a TV station and I was curious about its programs and the way they are conducted. I also wanted to see a couple of comedians who were working in a show that was not televised near the broadcasting station. One of the comedians looked at me and told me something like this in English: “I, the Japanese number one comedian!”

     He was joking. They were just a couple of amateurs trying to give it their best shot in front of an audience that barely reached 20 people. Two children and their mother laughed during their show, and three people asked discreetly who they were. When I was leaving the place, I could see them behind curtains talking to an American who greeted them with a smile: “Good job!” The American said.

     I saw an important lesson in his greeting: Do not kill people’s dream. In Japan, a country where sobriety fills in all holes laugh could get in through, to be a comedian is something titanic, basically because jokes are framed and should match Japanese canons of behavior, moral and culture. Since I was a child, to make people laugh has been one of my pleasures. I think I know how to do it and I also know how difficult it might be. These two comedians might never be something of national TV celebrities, but that could not care less. What is truly important is that they were working wholeheartedly on something they want to do, despite difficulties, and for something like that in our current society, guts are needed.

     When you kill someone’s hopes, a flower dies somewhere, someone is hurt and someone cries. Encourage people to carry on rather than discourage them. And if a person does not have the virtue to do that, at least, should have the dignity to keep his or her mouth shut.

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Curiosities: Why do we fart? Oops! I meant Why do we have flatulence (pass wind/gas)?

By Eddy Montilla.


Flatulence (commonly called fart) is a gas that we release from the digestive system via anal route. Putting aside the embarrassing moments it could create, flatulence is a normal biological action, as frequent as having lunch. In fact, more: People’s fart production goes generally from 7-8 (at its lowest) to 20-25 (at its highest) times per day.

     When you open your mouth to eat or drink, you enter a piece of food or some drink into your body, but during this action, air enters too. Something similar happens when a person smokes, chews, etc. The gas is accumulated inside your digestive system and it basically consists of nitrogen and oxygen which are sent out of your body when they reach uncomfortable levels in order to prevent possible health problems.

     To pass wind is also the result of gases (hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide) that are accumulated when we digest food. If what you eat consists of a large amount of food that is difficult to digest, it is not surprising that your body begins to imitate an automatic rifle sound. Finally, do not feel so bad when you pass gas since it is not only natural, but necessary. Remember that a car would not run a long distance without an exhaust pipe or a balloon would burst quickly with too much air. Passing gas is one of the most vilified actions that I have seen {I mean, that I have heard!:)} because it embarrasses us, especially when it happens in a plane, elevator or in front of an audience or because of its foul odour, which is from bad digestion of food. Bad digestion releases sulfur-containing substances and compounds, such as skatole, both responsible for the odor. Just be careful and respectful.

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Obama’s tears

By Eddy Montilla.

The first time the world saw President Obama’s eyes brimming with tears, we could learn and see another side of him: Not the President of the United States, but just Obama. Yes, Obama, quite human; Obama, a sensitive man to other people’s misfortunes and vicissitudes. And I particularly liked it because we unfortunately still live in a “men-don’t-cry”-society and his attitude helps to dispel that myth. But later, I saw his tears again and again in other situations, tears that might be misinterpreted as sentimentalism or tears that might really border on that feeling.

     Tears can be used in many different ways: They can be a positive instrument to vent frustrations. Used either deliberately or not, they can turn into a powerful manipulation mechanism for its capacity to arouse feelings of sympathy for the person who sheds them. President Barack Obama must know that better than us since we all remember how the opinion poll changed suddenly (and briefly) in Hillary Clinton’s favor after her historic tears in New Hampshire when she was campaigning for president against him in 2008 Democratic Primary. And tears can also be a sign of impotence and, above all, of weakness.

     Frequent eyes filled with tears offer little or non-existent help to a political leader or president. On the contrary, they can be seen as inability to solve problems, and that’s why President Obama should be more careful with “his tears” in public, I mean, he should try to have more and better control of his emotions if he does not want to be remembered as an outstanding political orator and crybaby politician too.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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Your question; my answer: What is the worst date ever?

By Eddy Montilla.


The date with loneliness.

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A good laugh: The angry husband

By Eddy Montilla.


A man leaves home after a horrible quarrel with his wife. At office, he was soundly scolded by his boss and, on his way home, he ran into a tree. While having dinner, the man looked at her wife out of the corner of his eye and muttered to himself:

“What a miserable and fuc…ing life! Outside problems and more problems. And inside, a disheveled and grumpy woman who wants me to pull out a tooth with this tough meat!”

The woman, still hot about the quarrel, approaches him with a hot frying pan: “What did you say?”

“I, I, I just said nobody can beat you cooking beef!”

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Your question; my answer: How should you act in front of a foolish person?

By Eddy Montilla.


If a fool person insults you, do not respond him or her in kind. If you do that, you will find yourself acting like a fool, and from this moment, you will belong to that family. Don’t boast of your capacity or intelligence in front of a fool person either. Instead of doing that, keep control of yourself and remain calm throughout. Just smile and tackle this person with sympathy and understanding. Remember that the fool have already a lot of crosses over their shoulder to carry for their whole life, for precisely being fool. If they already have a lot of problems to deal with, what’s the point of adding one more cross?

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Did Jesus really raise from the dead?

By Eddy Montilla.


The topic about the resurrection of Jesus is undoubtedly the most important and polemic issue we have because if it is true that he rised from the dead, and as he said, we can do the same some day, then, the fact of believing or not in his words makes the difference between living or dying forever. Nothing is more dreadful than the idea of dying. If that story is true, there’d be no reason to feel fear anymore. But…How can Jesus’ resurrection be proved? In order to do that, we cannot think subjectively as Christians usually do, but objectively, like those who do not believe in these kind of things, that is, the atheists. It means that there is no space for arguments that offend reason, unfounded ideas, etc. Let’s say goodbye to ideas like these ones: “I believe in Jesus’ resurrection because I feel his presence in my heart”, “I can see him in the magnificence of the nature”, etc. The Apostles’ oral testimony is not valid either for lack of evidence. Then, what can we use as proof in this case?

     As far as I know, there is only one objective and real proof of Jesus’ resurrection, and it is the Apostles’ stance on the resurrection when they were persecuted for defending and spreading this idea. Note that they preferred to be killed than to abandon their preaching about Jesus’ resurrection. This is the only argument with cogency that does not crack in front of any Atheist’s stance and cannot be refuted by them. And in essence it is very simple: A person, as long as he or she can get some economic benefits or power, he or she might embrace a lie, but if his or her life is in peril, that person will stop lying immediately because nobody is stupid enough to lose his or her life for defending a lie or a dead man (Jesus, in this case). If life is our most prized possession, the Apostle and many other Christians were not going to play with it defending something that was not true. This irrefutable evidence is the base and faith of millions of people around the world.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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Lessons of life: The lesson of the gray clouds

By Eddy Montilla.


I usually leave home early and walk a couple of kilometers before taking a bus or my bicycle to go to my workplace. It gets light late these days, and when I looked into the sky this morning, I could only see an overcast sky, ominous and dark clouds hung in the sky. I kept walking and suddenly saw an amber light, almost imperceptible, on the horizon. As I walked to the station, the light became brighter and wider until it covered the whole sky. The sun had risen at that time: It’d gotten light.

     That situation made me draw a parallelism between that scenery and life. I was thinking (and, by the way, lost my train!) how many times life has treated us harshly to a point that we only see shadows and dark clouds. The truth is we tend to forget the beautiful light that sooner or later will come with the arrival of a new day and the passage of time. Just walk forward, just keep walking.

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Last love poems: Love is not for me

By Eddy Montilla.

Picture: Eddy Montilla

Picture: Eddy Montilla

Love is not for me,

I was not born to love.

From the women I loved before,

I always remember what I got:

A strange coin with three faces:

Mockery, deception and indifference.

I always paid them with love

and that was what I got.

The only girl who truly loved me

was the girl I loved most.

“Too perfect to be true.”

That was what reality said,

and it gave me two years of pure joy, sheer delight

and my remaining time in this world to dream and sigh.

Love is not for me,

I was not born to love.

Those things are for others…

Perhaps for you, maybe for him,

for those who are practical, those who are realistic.

Love is not for me, love is not for me,

love is not… But… Why are you here?

Why are you reading these lines?

Is it because you are like me or just sympathize with me?

It’s okay, it’s all right.

It is just the way my life has been lived

or perhaps, the way life is:

Some people lose, some people win.

Love is not for me.

But, please, never feel sorry for me.

I will not cry.

I will not dye.

I will survive.

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Hitler’s testicle and mediocre journalism

By Eddy Montilla.

I was reading a newspaper and saw a piece of news about Adolf Hitler. In the Internet, I found similar information: Hitler only had one testicle. I stopped reading, made some coffee and thought about how much readers and writers have changed in the last decade. To write a good article, something worthy of being read and, therefore, published is the same as crude oil: You have to dig deep to find it. Otherwise, the only thing you will find is sewage because… Since when people’s testicles can be considered to be a piece of news? Since when a person’s genitals became a deciding factor to weigh up a person’s success or failure?

     We have more than 7 billion people in the world. It is not surprising to find millions of them who love reading and spending their time on such kind of trifles, and that’s why sensationalism is as old as journalism itself. Besides, as a journalist, you have no choice: You have to sell what you write or write about something that can be sold. However, after that, nothing prevents you from going for the crude oil we said before or a diamond hidden inside these irrelevant pieces of information. For example, observe any picture or movie of Adolf Hitler in uniform, and you will notice that he looked like a weak little man compared to other soldiers. In fact, Hitler was shorter and thinner than all Germans I have met. Then, the real and valuable story here is not if Hitler had one, two or twenty testicles, but how a man with a relatively weak constitution could get the mental subjugation of millions of people physically stronger than him. That was the valuable source for an article that they did not see, they could not find. The storage of information is huge these days, the pieces of equipment for communication, in terms of quantity and quality, have gotten unparalleled progress, but both, good writers and readers are facing a sad and lonely word: extinction.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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