Tell me the answer: when do we learn that everything is possible?

March 19, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

When what we consider as infallible at first ends up becoming an abject failure.

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Drought in Africa and only a shower of promises

March 18, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

Indifference toward the suffering of others is a common method of payment used by insensitive people. Recently, the world seems to be full of them. You only have to look at Africa, facing a severe drought and famine to verify it. The lack of food and drinking water killed more than 100 Somalians in a couple of days in just one area. Like Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen are also countries where the drought endangers the live of millions of Africans. However, many people around the world keep up their rhythm of life as if nothing had happened, without a single gesture after seeing these people’s woes. Since when the human heart stopped being warm to become so glacial?

     Parties and carnivals while in Africa many people die of hunger. Celebrations of Lent, Ramadan, etc., and in Africa, many people die of hunger. From USA to Japan, from Japan to the European Union (EU) a shower of food falls day by day into trash bags. In Africa, according to UNICEF, more than 1.4 million children could die of acute malnutrition.

     Politicians raise their voices and say that something must be done. They say that “we have to act quickly”. At the end of the day, no action is taken and we are in front of another tasteless performance. The media is just happy with getting the news and move on to try to get the next one as soon as possible, but in Africa, starving children can hardly open their eyes. Competent international organizations visit the zone, hold long meetings and, when night falls, their members will go somewhere to enjoy an exquisite meal.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion.

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Lessons of life: The lesson of the cinema

March 4, 2017


By Eddy Montilla.

The girl who worked at the cinema took the microphone, looked at me and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, the movie is about to start, please go through into the theater.” Just then, I looked all around and noticed that only two people were there: She and I.

     Yes. As you have read it. I was the only person who was there to watch the movie. For a moment, I clasped my hands behind the back of my neck and thought about the first assignment I received in class from my cinematography professor at university: “Go to the university theater and watch this movie….” For you, it might seem a rare assignment; for some of us, however, “A part of our lives changed from that moment.”, because we learned how valuable a good film can be for our lives. On my way home, inside the bus, all passengers (except for me) were using their smartphones, most of them, playing games or browsing dreary websites as if they were looking for something, looking for nothing.

     A movie is not a simple product of entertainment. It is a visual performance of our problems in life. Movies have taught me as many things as all my teachers did. And I am totally convinced that a single word, phrase, scenery or gesture can be enough to give a person some clues to find solutions for his or her problems, including the pressing ones. Today, people have as much fun as people had twenty years ago, for example. But the huge difference between both generations is the quality of the entertainment.

     When I got home and went to sleep that night, on my bed, I felt a mix of happiness and sadness, I mean, bittersweet feelings. Happiness for the way I am and sadness for the way the world goes.

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Tell me the answer: What are the two things that are born at the same time and can die in the same way?

March 2, 2017


By Eddy Montilla.

Dreams and hopes.

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A good laugh: Saving money

March 2, 2017

A maniacal wicked witch plotting something nefarious.

By Eddy Montilla.

A five-year-old girl is weeping inconsolably because she wants to play the part of witch in a familiar drama. While her mother tries to convince her that let her granny do that job, her father is engrossed using his computer.

”Can you ask the nerd of your husband for help?” The grannie said.

”Yes, mom. Nerd!!”

The father whispers something in her daughter’s ear and, suddenly, she wants a different role.

”How could you convince her?” The mother-in-law asked him.

”It was very simple. I just told her: We need to save money if you want a new talking doll. Let your grandmother be the witch. She doesn’t need to buy makeup.”

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Curiosities: Why do people want to urinate (wee) when they see water flowing?

March 1, 2017


By Eddy Montilla.

It seems that there are no scientific reasons to explain why we need a wee when we see water flowing or listen to the sound of it. Then, why does that happen?

     Because of psychological reasons: Conditioned reflex and association of ideas.

     A reflex is an action o movement that we do and it happens naturally in response to something. Typical examples are to try to grasp something that goes directly to the palm of your hand or to close your eyes when something is about to cause it any harm. A Russian psychologist called Ivan Pavlov observed his dog’s saliva when his pet was eating or about to eat, a natural reaction indicating that the animal was hungry. Later, Pavlov noticed that the dog began to salivate even when he did not have food in front of him. Then, he made an experiment: He fed his dog and rang a bell. After several repetitions, the dog was salivating whenever he heard the bell with or without food around him. This observation (or perhaps it would be fairer to say this dog!) revolutionized the realm of psychology because we learned that besides natural reflexes, there are others that can be conditioned (conditioned reflex).

     When you see the flow of your urine (wee) coming out of body and listen to the pee sound or the sound made by the toilet after flushing it, this image and sound remain inside your brain. Then, when you turn the faucet on, the water you see flowing and its sound evoke them, provoking the sense of urgency you feel to go to the restroom.

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Last Love Poems: If I could back to my past…

February 28, 2017


By Eddy Montilla.

If I could go back to my past, I would have told her “Yes!” to whom so many times I told her “No!”

I would have kissed my best friend on that rainy night after class,

the only opportunity I had, the only thing she really asked.

I still remember that rainy night…

Walking together under one umbrella,

full of dreams, full of hopes.

She, perhaps, looking for something different and similar,

and I, for sure, without even knowing how to react.

If I could go back to my past, I would have told her “No!” to whom I told her “Yes!”

because when it comes to love, half love is worse than nothing.

I would have taken more risks,

I would have drowned my fears for the future

and would have taken more actions in the present.

If I could go back to my past,

I would have cultivated more roses instead of waiting for shooting stars.

I would have walked more on the sand, barefoot, singing a song,

enjoying the sea, looking at the horizon while trying to find mine.

I would have gone more frequently to the park where she used to walk

and have walked less with my loneliness.

If I could… Only Lord knows how many things I would have done
If I could…

But I can’t.

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