Hell only lasts twenty years (penultimate part)

April 29, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

Taken from Real stories told as fiction

”I think it is a little bit late, Erika. Your husband must be impatiently waiting for you. So, I’m going to…”

”Not today.“ She interrupted him before he could start what he had in mind. “He went somewhere to participate in a conference and will be back tomorrow. I didn’t have to prepare dinner tonight.” She said, struggling to hide her happiness for that.

Her last comment let them extend their conversation till the “the breaking point”, this one that usually comes when silence turns into long and undesirable time intervals indicating that the moment to leave has come. In the second bar, Chris won the courtesy battle and paid the bill. When they left, there was not a soul (neither a good nor a bad one) on the streets. Time and the cold of that night had undoubtedly done a good job. Erika, however, led Chris through the most isolated and narrowest corners over there trying to make her best night in many years longer to no avail. In the worst-case scenario, she didn’t want to see it die there, in front that bar. Unfortunately, silence became quickly her worst enemy. The wind was howling around the streets, which led to the impression of being in a phantasmagorical place.


They heard a dreadful and deafening sound of a metal advertising board blown off by the wind. They looked back quickly, but before they could understand what really happened, a big and black stray cat came from nowhere meowing boisterously from the gloom. There was not time for anything, and Erika did what a lot of women usually do in cases like this: She seized his arm. After the sudden scare, they both giggled and did what people do not usually do: They began to walk hands entwined.

”Wait a minute. What’s going on here?” He said to himself.

In his country, perhaps, he could find an explanation to that confusing situation, but there everything looked like a Gordian knot. They walked in silence and only when got to the end, they realized that it was a blind alley. Chris felt the same: “I had reached a dead end.” He thought. That was the moment when the unlikely turned into reality. The man who always weighed everything on the balance of reason, could stand no more and, for the first time in his life, he decided to feel the inscrutable ecstasy of betting on luck, and you know what? He won: He kissed her.

”She said and did nothing. What should I do now? To say I am sorry? That would bring more problems than solutions. Her feminine sense will make her think that it was only a whim for my part and her woman’s pride would be hurt, and once that happens, then it is when the war really breaks out. I have no choice but to continue what I started.” He thought.

But this time, Chris and his ineffable logical thinking both failed.

”No, Chris, please. That’s not right. Besides, I have forgotten how to do that.”

“Come on, Erika, you are exaggerating. Giving a kiss is not something people forget, let alone in a couple of days.” He said while thinking a way to leave the cumbersome situation he had made himself.

“And in 20 years?” Erika asked with an unfathomable expression. “When my husband knew that I couldn’t have children, he told me that it made no sense to make love. Since then, it has passed 20 years, Chris, 20 years… (TO BE CONTINUED).

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Thought of the day: Internet

April 28, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.


Internet is a double-edge sword, some kind of place that offers two different roads: The road to success and the road to perdition. It is an imp who has masqueraded as a friend and angel. Use it to get the information you need, to do your job and have some fun from time to time. But once you have finished with it, get away from it as soon as possible. If you do not do that, without being aware of it, you will fall into “the Internet’s cluches” because of the absorption and addiction that it usually causes in its users. Then the imp will show its really face stealing your time, per minutes first, and later per hours and finally most of your life. At the end, it will ruin your family, your real life and relationship with friends and people in society.

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Tell me the answer: What is an effective method to grow until you find your own way?

April 24, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.


To find a way that lets you grow firmly is difficult and it requires great effort and time too. In general, most people get lost when they have to take decisions about growth… Should I change my job or not? Should I invest in this or not?

You might not know the right path that leads to your own growth now, but I am sure that you certainly know those things that have become an obstacle to achieve your goals (bad habits, procrastination, lack of planning, etc.) and do not let you move forward. Stop doing those things and root them out. Not to do what keeps you stuck will make you move forward and grow automatically “as if by magic” until your find your own path.

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Dignity or a couple of euros?

April 23, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

Our world is full of people: Most of them are normal, some of them are endowed with great intelligence and finally, you can find a great bunch called the acephalous. For these reasons, it is not sleep deprivation when you see a group of fans of the English football club Leicester clashing with police officers or committing violent actions in Madrid one day prior to a match.

But things are different when the ignorant threw coins into the air to enjoy themselves by watching beggars running precipitately to pick them up. Under these circumstances, we should ask ourselves why we have sunk to a very low level as human beings and where our dignity went. In practice, the economic position and future of a person depend on the economic condition of the family he or she was born and raised in and his or her home country. Efforts made later by this person (studies, career, etc.) are, in fact, collateral. To the ignorant who threw those coins, not even for a moment did it cross their mind that if they were born in South Sudan (just to cite an example), perhaps they should be at this moment, instead of those women, begging somewhere.

When you lose your dignity you lose everything. There is no doubt that with their actions, those who threw the coins embarrassed their families, country and club. But if what they did was an undignified act, the same was what those women did when they decided to pick the coins from the ground. The should not do that. Nobody dies for a night without food and they could win by showing and demanding respect. I fully understand that it is also easier to say it when you are not the person who is begging, but if you do not fight for your rights, dignity and respect, who is going to do it for you?

To use people’s woes as a form of leisure speaks itself about our society’s putrefaction levels. We are on the wrong track and that is dangerous. It seems that we went from the Stone Age to a wild and lacking dignity society where people’s heart has turned into stone.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion.

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Lessons of Life: The lesson of the author

April 22, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

When I was trying to get some information from a web site, I noticed that the author dedicated almost 40 per cent of his home page (a column) to write proudly about himself in his section, About the author: “I did this, I did that, I was given the prize for this and that…

You have probably seen that we also have a section for people who want to know about the author, but what are you going to find there? A five-word-sentence, which is probably the strangest explanation you have ever read about an author.

I do not know why, but after browsing through that person’s accolades, the first thing that came to my mind was my college graduation day, when the Rector, in front of hundreds of University graduates and parents, called my name and asked me to come up on the stage to receive a class ring for reasons that not even today I can understand. According to my University, for high academic achievement, but according to me, should a student be awarded for doing what he or she is exactly supposed to do?

“I don’t need it.” I whispered, but I went there to receive it, not because I wanted that ring, but because I learned at early age that you can be as strange as you want, but you must behave in some situations as normally as people expect or you will be in trouble. Once I got home, alone in my room, I threw the ring into an old shoe box where it has been “resting in peace” since then. That can give you a glimpse of how low my interest for prizes is and what I usually do with them if I have to receive them.

I should admit that I belong to “the old school” and we are living different times today. Fame and public recognition are driving forces behind many people’s actions now and they will stop at nothing to try to get them. For five minutes of fame, many people do from stupidities and senseless things to actions that risk their own lives. Keep away from those things. We were not born to be famous and millionaire just because that would detract from the real values of life. What you have got turns into undeserved things if you have done nothing for those whose precarious social and economic situation do not let compete in similar conditions to yours.

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Curiosities: What is the characteristic that makes from a seahorse a unique animal on Earth?

April 22, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

Judging by their common name (seahorses) and physical appearance, both ideas lead many people to think that hippocampus (their scientific name) are mammals. Actually, they are not.

Seahorses are fish, and therefore, they lay eggs. They look cute and swim gracefully, but when it comes to eating, I do not recommend you to be at their side if you are a crustacean (a creature with soft body divided into sections, like shrimps, for example), especially a Myside shrimp since you might be sucked up by their long snouts. Seahorses eat dozens of times per day (40 times or more) and at the end, the number of shrimps they eat can be counted by hundreds or thousands of them (3,000 brine shrimps). Their eyes play an important role in this task because both eyes work separately, that means a seahorse can look forwards and backwards simultaneously.

Until now, the explanation is very simple. What is difficult to understand for human beings is that seahorses are monogamous and only mate for life. And if you are a male seahorse, be ready to be a mom! How come? Well, the female will put their eggs into your pouch and after that you have the responsibility to carry them until they hatch. They are the only animals on Earth with this characteristic.

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Hell only lasts twenty years (part 2)

April 21, 2017

By Eddy Montilla.

(Taken from Real stories told as fiction).

Erika began to explain the long history of that tavern to Chris and the reason for its fame too. She taught him how the fishermen of the region use lights to attract squid since remote times and those superstitions that always spin around seafaring work. She told him about the small crafts, nets, weather and many other things that were somehow a portrait of the paintings on the wall. Between one explanation and another, few minutes barely passed, the exact amount of time she needed to make her first beer disappear as if by magic.

“Ohisashiburi! (The first good moment in a long time!). She said after sighing with contentment.

Erika talked more than usual, and usually, she did not talk more than necessary. Her last phrase along with the subtle gestures she made photographed what was going on. Then, Chris could see clearly why he was invited that night: By doing so, she invited herself too and that was the only way and excuse she had to go out for a while in the evening. Chris kept listening to her courteously and performed like a good actor to evince strong interest in her stories when, in fact, his mind and heart were utterly distant from there. Where? I do not know. In his hometown? Perhaps. What I certainly know is that Erika started a new topic as soon as she finished the last one and the same applied to her glass of beer.

“Well, it’s time to change…”

“¿Seats?” Chris asked. “All of them are occupied already”.

“No! I meant to change place.” She responded with a tender look and smile on her lips because of the naivety he showed for his little understanding of that culture.

“If you don’t like horsemeat, believe me, I don’t blame you for that.” He whispered to her for fear that the elderly lady could feel offended by his comments.

”This is not the point, Chris. I can eat anything and so can all those people you can see here. Look at their rice bowls without a single grain of rice. Remember, Chris, this is the way you have to eat. Otherwise, people will say that you had poor parenting.” She said with scarcely concealed pride for her culture and explanation. “We have to change bars because it’s part of the tradition in these cases.”

Chris nodded his head in agreement and dissented with his heart. If everybody likes some artists and dislikes others, loves some people and hates others, then, what makes food any different? They were celebrating the year-end-party called “bounenkai”, that is, a party held to help people (especially workers) to forget the troubles occurred during the year and start the next one from zero. Despite that, he felt uneasy. After all, how could a party for twelve people ended up as a meeting of only two?

When they finished their dinner, Chris insisted on paying the bill. She thanked him for his kindness, but made him realize that there was no point in doing that since they had to go to at least two more places, as is customary. So, they decided to go Dutch and leave that bar. Minutes later, they got a place full of contiguous taverns, so similar in their external aspects that Chris wondered if it was necessary to have more than one. It was a place divided into narrow alleyways, half bathed in moonlight. The rest came from hanging lanterns near the doors of the taverns, which made the place fall into semidarkness. By giving free rein to our imagination, everything could be seen from there, and that’s why Chris loved the place from outside because the second bar (and what happened inside) was not quite different from the first one. The night for them, therefore, should come to an end right there, after saying: “I had a lot fun, thank you.” But this end never came. Was it because of Chris’ last question? Was it Erika’s reaction, perhaps? For me, it was a sum of all and a subtraction of nothing. And if one of you needs inevitably to find someone to blame, remember the cat. Yes, the cat. TO BE CONTINUED…

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