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Ebola in Africa: Perfect example of people’s indifference

By Eddy Montilla.


Ebola virus had to kill first more than seven thousand people before we could see real intention to help on the part of the international community.

     And do you know why? Because this virus is not spreading in Europe, USA or Canada, but in Africa. Ebola Hemorrhagic fever does not affect tourism in France or Spain; Ebola virus will not reduce the sales of iPad or iPhone in the United States, will not affect the production of cars in Japan or cutting-edge technology in Germany. In few words, Ebola is in Africa.

     Ebola virus can easily be a perfect example to understand how far we have gone in terms of indifference to other’s pain. For those who tested positive for Ebola and were not from Africa, the answer was quickly: Planes to take them to their respective countries, as it happened to patients from Spain and the United States. They also got better anti-viral drugs and care. And how about these 16,000 people with Ebola in West Africa? What have these people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone gotten? A handful of promises that have not been fulfilled, words of hope that die in the same way that these infected people do.

     The devastation caused by Ebola virus in West Africa highlights what we have told almost ad nauseam: Africa is the forgotten continent only after being exploited. The World Health Organization (WHO) informed that case incidence is stable in the region, a glimpse of good news inside a string of tragedies. And we should thank for that not the international community, but all those anonymous heroes and other people in organizations that risk their own life to save the other’s. Let’s awake from the deep sleep of clear conscience. Let’s help Africa in its fight against the Ebola virus.

This article was originally published in the digital newspaper World And Opinion with Eddy Montilla.

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A Good Laugh: The poor alligator

Eddy Montilla.


An alligator and his son are running as hard as they can.

“Dad, why are we so poor?”

“Don’t worry. If these guys over there can catch us, we will be full of money.”

“Are they going to give us money?”

“No, son. We will be wallets!!

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Your question; my answer: How fast does this society go?

By Eddy Montilla.


In the past, when someone died, his or her parents, friends and even neighbours mourned him or her from weeks to years. Today, a person dies in the morning, he or she is buried in the afternoon and in the evening people are connected to the Internet.

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The cross that all of us have to carry

By Eddy Montilla.


The other day, I heard someone saying this: “I wish I could go back to my student years, so that I did not have to deal with this job every single day!” According to this person, there are sectors in our society that do not have problems or at least have less than others. And it is right. But if you take a close look at all people around you, you will notice that we all have to struggle with something every day, have problems and have to wear or drag a cross.

     Lebron James, an American professional basketball player, is an NBA superstar and one of the most celebrated players in the history of the sport. He is one of the most renowned and successful athletes that this era has seen. His ability is unparalleled and he is moving firmly to become a billionaire. But this James that people applaud when comes onto the court grew up and became a father without a father at his side. It is highly likely that the ghost that a father’s absence creates is still haunting him. Add to this problem, the fact of having a mother battling her alcohol abuse and his own problems since whenever he has the ball in his hands, he has to come up to people’s expectations. This man also has a cross on his back.

     Actors, singers, presidents, writers, all these people that you see smiling on TV, when they are behind cameras where nobody can see them and when they can go back to their own and “real reality”, fight against stress, depression, family matters and many other things. Despite their fame, they cannot escape from their light or heavy cross nor can the student who has difficulties to pass an exam, the man who wanted to be a doctor, your neighbor nor yourself. Now that it’s clear everybody has a cross on his or her back, the question is… what should I do with it?

     To compare crosses will add crosses and, at the end, we all look like a cemetery. So do not spend your time trying to find consolation in expressions like “Others have crosses bigger than yours”, “your problems are nothing compared to other people’s problems”, etc. It would be a selfish and illusory solution with no effective results. I do not agree with the idea of “accepting your cross” as many people, especially those connected with religious groups usually say because it tastes of resignation; it is like saying: “There is nothing we can do.”

     What we really have to accept is our reality. This is the key to deal with this situation. And our reality says that we all have a cross to carry while we are alive. Do not accept your cross, but the fact that this cross will be present at your side, on your back or wherever, but always forever. Then, you can work every day to make your cross and the other’s easier and lighter to carry. You will see that a day will come when you will not even notice that it is there.

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A Good Laugh: Relative value

By Eddy Montilla.


A man was drinking a lot during a party in a farm. When he was going to pay for his next beer, he dropped a ten-dollar bill on a pile of cow dung. He noticed that all eyes were upon him in order to see what he would do. Then, the drunk said loudly: “I am not going to get my hands dirty for a miserable ten-dollar bill. No way!” So, he dropped one hundred-dollar bill and said: “But if we are talking about 110 dollars, things are different. Don’t you think so?”

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Curiosities: Why do we “see stars” when we rub our eyes, sneeze, cough or stand up quickly?

By Eddy Montilla.


There is a layer of tissue at the back of the eye called retina, which is sensitive to light and this creates nerve impulses that, via the optic nerve, go to the brain where a visual image is formed. The retina not only responds to light, but pressure too. Flashes and lights in your range of vision might be associated with head migraine, but in general, “the stars” you see after a sneeze or a cough, the round beam of light you see when you rub your closed eyes and other luminous visions are the result of pressure that stimulates the cells of the retina. The technical term to explain this, that is, the experience of seeing light when, in fact, light has not entered your eyes is phosphene. You may also see stars if you stand up quickly because this action reduces the flow of blood to the brain and when low blood pressure occurs, your brain is deprived of oxygen, which affects your eyes or parts connected to them. Most of these visions are common and harmless. Other visions, however, might be dangerous. For example, I remember that my father “saw stars” one day when my younger sister showed him her credit card bill and told him: “Daddy, help me!”

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Curiosities: Do mammals lay eggs?

By Eddy Montilla.


One of the main characteristics of mammals is that they give birth to live young, and that is why they have mammary glands that produce milk to feed the young. However, if records are made to be broken, rules can be broken too. So, there are two mammals that decided to break them and lay eggs. They are the duckbill platypus, an animal from Australia that can walk or swim and it is half the size of a house cat. The second is the echidna (four different species of echidna lay eggs), also from Australia and New Guinea. It lives on ants and termites and its body is covered with coarse hair and spines.

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A Good Laugh: Inopportune joke

By Eddy Montilla.


“How did you lose your front teeth? What happened?” A man said to his friend.

“I had a serious problem with my car yesterday.”

Did you crash into a tree or a lamp post?”

No. My wife wanted to use my car to go to the supermarket and I only told her: “If you take your broomstick you can go faster!”

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Your father

By Eddy Montilla.


D.R. and I have always kept in contact for decades, but I am the person who has taken the initiative in sending emails or calling throughout the years. So when he called me, I could intuit that something had happened. I became the listener of our conversation and after a couple of swift greetings and questions, my friend found a way to tell me everything: His father had died. “Eddy, I was holding his hand at that time.” He told me.

     This situation made me think through how many people change their feelings towards their father throughout their lives. If they are under the age of 10, they proudly say everywhere: “My dad is the best in the world!” When they are over 12 years old, doubts raise over their dad and say: “Sometimes, I think that my dad is not as good as I thought.” Adolescent boys and girls repeat: “My father doesn’t know anything. I will never be like him! Never!” Then, they work, earn a good salary and forget how they could reach the position they hold at present. “At my age I’ve got already more than “this man” did in his whole life,” they say.

     But everything passes with time, including time itself, and as they reach middle age, they start to see their father from other angle: “You know what? There are days when I think that my father is not the foolish man I thought. The other day I came back home very depressed. He was taking a walk and when he saw me, I do know how, but he could read my mind and knew that I was in trouble. Then, he called me, my wife took the phone, I did not want to talk to him at that time, but he insisted and gave me a piece of advice, and it turned out that it was very useful to me.” Time flies and then they already have gray hair, and life tells them what is truly important: “My father knows many things.” And, sooner or later, the day will come when they will say either publicly or inwardly: My father was a wise old man. I wish I had spent more time with him, I wish I had told him that before. My friend D.R. did not belong to this group. He was fortunate in having good parents and since he was a child, D.R. understood the great value of a father. But if for any circumstance of life, your father and you are going through difficult moments in terms of family relationships, today might be perhaps a good day for reconciliation, a good moment to iron out your differences and the best moment for you to tell him: “I love you dad.”

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Curiosities: Why do onions make us cry when chopping them?

By Eddy Montilla.


Some people have different reasons to cry when they chop onions: Perhaps they don’t want to cook or wash the dishes. Perhaps they had a quarrel with somebody or don’t want to go to work tomorrow. However, from the scientific point of view, the reasons are quite different. Shinsuke Imai, a Japanese scientist, found the answer to this mystery and shared it to the world in 2002. But chemical terms are not easy to understand, and the situation is more complicated when many years has passed since your chemistry classes (the last sentence pictures me!). So, explained in its most simple and fundamental form, we cry when chopping onions to protect our eyes and help relieve the pain produced by sulfuric acid that enters into the eyes by diluting it with tears.

     For a more specific answer, we should review the following terms first: Enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction without itself being destroyed or altered upon completion of the reaction. Amino acid is any of the substances that combine to form the basic structure of proteins. And now, let’s see the process:

     When you cut an onion, you break its cells, which will release chemical substances into the air. Among these substances, there is an enzyme called lachrymatory-factor synthase. This enzyme reacts with amino acids of the onion and coverts the amino acids into sulfenic acid. The sulfenic acid rearranges itself into (be ready for this name!)… syn-propanethial-S-oxide, volatile sulfur compound (gas) that reacts with the water inside your eyes and forms sulfuric acid. This sulphuric acid causes the burning sensation in your eyes and this is the moment when the lachrymal glands located there will release tears to clean your eyes, dilute the acid and relieve the pain.

     And how can you avoid crying when chopping onions? If you are not an excellent cook, I do not recommend you to close your eyes to avoid tears when chopping onions, especially if you are using a sharp knife! Refrigerate the onion before cutting instead.

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